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Field of Screams 2017 – Blog

After a very busy Summer it was time to set our sights on what Carrowmena could offer next, and to introduce something new to the centre, to deliver an event that could open up the centre to a new type of clientele.


After careful consideration we decided we would venture into the Halloween market. After some creative thinking we decided that our stage for the event should be the Maize Maze and as it was a customer’s favourite throughout the summer it was already set to send chills especially when set at night.

Through September and the early part of October the work was well under way to turn the normal daily family Maize Maze into the stuff of nightmares, building, creating, promoting all staff work tirelessly through what local farmers called the wettest Summer since 1986… hence the reservation we had about the ground underfoot.  This we thought might be a ‘sticky’ factor but then we stressed the importance on informing every person before entering the Field of Screams of the conditions and the necessity for wellies.

So to the opening night of the Field of Screams 2017. Friday the 20th October 2017.  The stage was set, the special effects were added, all the dead ends were taped off to make sure that either you didn’t go the wrong way OR that you wouldn’t miss any of the characters that lay in wait ahead.

All we needed was some willing and brave customers to try out Carrowmena’s first Field of Screams. The event was structured over six evenings leading up to the final night on the 30th October. We took the decision not to compete with the festivities happening up the road in Ledgenderry.

Much to our delight over 800 people braved the Field of Screams and even more to our surprise the majority of customers commented that the conditions only added to the event.

So on behalf of the staff and volunteers of the Field of Screams 2017 thank you so much for attending and braving the elements, conditions and the creatures in the maize maze.






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