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Carrowmena Jobs/Careers

2020 Season is just around the corner, we have so many positions to fill! Such exciting times ahead!

If you’re enthusiastic, self-motivated, able to work as part of a team, outgoing & want to be part of #carrowmena then click below to apply:


We currently have some exciting vacancies at Carrowmena Activity Centre & Hostel

Christa Vogel’s – Experience

Christa BDNo day is the same in the life of carrowmena. I started here when I was 14 ‘volunteering’ and I haven’t left yet, that must say something. If you’re looking for an exciting job, full of fun, adventure and adrenaline, send a cv to Kieran McCool

Check out the link below! “The best place to start is as a Volunteer, just ask Christa!”
You gotta start at the bottom to make your way to the top!
If you want more info before contacting the boss, send me a message. (She’s not that scary) 

Choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life..

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The best place to start is as a Volunteer just ask Christa!